Julian Wittische

Université de Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Patrick M.A. James
Start: 2014-09-02
End: 2019-08-02


Defining the role of biological interactions and abiotic landscape features in shaping spatial genetic variation in MPB, fungi and pine
The current mountain pine beetle outbreak is the result of complex interactions among the beetle, symbiotic fungi and host pines. These organisms live in a temporally and spatially variable environment, and the outbreak characteristics change. It would be interesting to integrate spatial and temporal genomic informations for each of these species to better characterise the outbreak system in its entirety. A conceptual framework for describing the integrated spatial genetic structure of interacting species using a landscape genetics approach has been developed recently. My objective is to help developing this framework and ultimately, to be able to efficiently incorporate genomic data that underlie adaptive traits and functional variation in the framework as it would enhance the predicting of outbreak dynamics, including rates of spread, host susceptibility and vulnerability, and probability of tree mortality.


modeling, landscape genomics, mountain pine beetle, integrative biology, Canadian forests