Learning Development Award – Guidelines for applications

A page on the website of QCBS will be up to allow you to submit your application on a completely online form. However, for the competition of June 30, 2013, please send your application into a single PDF file containing all the sections of the application, by email to Philippe Auzel.

Application content

Learning Development Award (LeaDA) application for learning must contain the following items:

Cover letter (maximum 1 page)

Make sure your cover letter includes the following information:

  • First and last name;
  • Academic institution;
  • Personal Identification number (PIN, to be obtained from https://www.fqr.gouv.qc.ca/pls/cv/NIP.ins?pOrg=NT);
  • Email address;
  • Name of your graduate program;
  • Supervisor(s) name(s).
  • The objectives of the proposed LeaDA and of the list of students involved

CV (1 to 3 pages)

Note that CVs of award recipients can be posted on the QCBS website. Your CV should follow the following format:

  • A contact section including your academic institution logo, a photo of yourself, and the name of the supervisor along with your contact information;
  • An education section including your past and present education programs with dates;
  • A research section briefly describing your research project;
  • A publication section (if applicable) allows you to list your publications.

Description of proposed project and relevance to QCBS (maximum 1 page)

Please indicate the title of the proposed LeaDA.

Briefly describe how the proposed LeaDA project will benefit the sharing and acquisition of knowledge by graduate, post-doctoral and faculty within the QCBS network.

Briefly describe how the proposed LeaDA project relates to the QCBS program and need as identified by the QCBS scientific committee.

The QCBS scientific committee will evaluate whether the proposal is aligned with the mission, vision, and values of QCBS, reflects the QCBS’s themes and axes, is suitable for our network, and will engage a significant audience.

Detailed work plan for the proposed LeaDA (maximum 1 page)

Provide a work plan showing the implication of student and postdoctoral researchers in the learning clubs and user group development as well as a schedule.

Table: Sample table for LeaDA work plan and schedule

Estimated budget (maximum 1 page)

Provide a budget according to your work plan and according to the implication of student and postdoctoral researchers in the learning clubs and user group development.

Briefly explain why you are you requesting additional fund with your LeaDA.

The budget should be a table showing all the costs of the project for which you are applying for funding.  Please use the following table as a template.

Table:  Sample table for requesting extra funding.

Support letters