QCBS intensive course Awards – Guidelines to register a course

Please send your application to the QCBS as a single PDF file with all of the application sections to Philippe Auzel, the QCBS coordinator.

The request to register an intensive course for the QCBS must contain the following items

Cover letter (maximum 1 page / less than 400 words)

The cover letter should include the following information:

  • Contact information: First and last name, Academic institution, FRQNT Personal Identification Number (PIN, to be obtained from https://www.fqr.gouv.qc.ca/pls/cv/NIP.ins?pOrg=NT%20), email address, phone contact.
  • Provide the topic and objectives of the proposed intensive course.
  • Provide information on the collaboration and connections developed within the network stimulated by the course.

Description of the proposed intensive course (< 1 page, or ~400 words maximum);

  • Please indicate the title of the intensive course. Describe the importance of the proposed course and the added value to training in biodiversity science offered by the QCBS.
  • Provide more detail regarding the collaboration and connections developed within the QCBS on the occasion of intensive course.

Link with QCBS research axes and themes (< 1 page, or ~400 words maximum)

  • Briefly explain how the proposed intensive course is related to the QCBS research program and how the proposed event theme is: i) aligned with the mission of the QCBS, ii) reflects the QCBS’s research themes and axes, iii) engages a significant audience within the QCBS.

Detailed program of the course and expected speakers

  • Provide a program and schedule of the intensive course which includes information about the involvement of QCBS and other speakers (short bio, abstract of their presentation and reading material). Give a short description of the expected outcomes with indicators: number participants, etc.