QCBS intensive course Awards – Guidelines for students applications

Please send your application to the QCBS as single PDF file with all of the application sections to Philippe Auzel, the QCBS coordinator.

The request to apply for the award must contain the following items

Cover letter (maximum 1 page / less than 400 words)

A cover letter including the following information:

  • Contact information: First and last name, Academic institution, FRQNT Personal Identification Number (PIN, to be obtained from https://www.fqr.gouv.qc.ca/pls/cv/NIP.ins?pOrg=NT), email address, phone contact.
  • Provide the information on the intensive course you would like to attend.
  • Explain how attendance of this intensive course will improve your learning experience.

Support letter from your advisor

The letter of support from you supervisor is probably the most important part of the application once you have ensured compliance with the above mentioned submission guidelines.

The letter is mandatory, but if it does not have to be long. The selection jury clearly needs to feel that your project received the support of your supervisor.

CV of the applicant

Please attach a copy of the applicant’s CV.

List of previous awards received from the QCBS

Please mention any QCBS award you received in previous years. Please provide the amount you received, the purpose of the award and the date when you received the award.

Award transfer

Award amounts are sent directly to the student’s supervisor. Students must produce a short financial report for the QCBS and are then reimbursed by their supervisor.

Any information request and questions regarding the reimbursement process should be directed to Philippe Auzel, the QCBS coordinator.