FRQNT international internship awards

The international internships of the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies (FRQNT) aim to foster the international mobility of master’s and doctoral students whose research activities align with the scientific program of a strategic research network such as the QCBS. QCBS students are invited to submit applications to the QCBS for the FRQNT international internship program. The QCBS will submit the applications selected. For any additional information, contact Philippe Auzel.

Since 2010, some 19 QCBS students were allocated a total of $153,500 for international internships through their QCBS affiliation. QCBS students who received and internships from the QCBS: map in construction


A – For students registered in a Québec University

• Be canadian citizen, permanent resident or foreign student;
• Be registered to a master or Ph.D. program in a Québec university;
• Be a member of the QCBS.

B – For students outside Quebec

• Be registered in an University outside Québec;
• Should not be registered as co supervised by a member of a Quebéc university;
• Should do the internship with QCBS a researcher


  • Amount of the grant: maximum of $15,000 with subsistence fees, which cannot go beyond $2,500 per month
  • Duration of the internship: 2 to 6 months
  • Priority countries and regions: Germany, Brazil, China, United States of America, Flanders, France India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Wallonia – Bruxelles. You need to justify an existing collaboration outside this priority list.
  • Application to QCBS: the sooner the better – we can generally submit 2 to 4 applications per year


  • Submission of applications to QCBS: contact the QCBS coordinator if you want to submit an application – please submit your application as soon as possible after the announcement.
  • Application to submit for QCBS review: an application letter explaining how your research project fits in QCBS research program (4 axis) and how this internship will contribute to your training, an updated CV mentioning your NIP, your last transcripts – unofficial documents, a support letter from your adviser (explaining the existing collaboration if the internship is outside the priority list) and a budget with all the information justifying your expenses (screen capture, online submission, etc.)
  • Your application will be evaluated by a QCBS committee according to FRQNT guidelines
  • The selected applications will be submitted to FRQNT which will assess the request and verify the proposed budget for the internship.