Excellence awards

Through its excellence awards program, the QCBS recognizes, supports, and encourages the research of outstanding and promising students in biodiversity science. 

Up to the 15th edition of excellence awards, between spring 2010 and spring 2015, the QCBS provided $659 514 to support over 400 QCBS students and post-docs. The awards helped them to participate in conferences, workshops, and internships worldwide.

In order to address this growing demand, we have made the following adjustments to the Excellence awards program. We have increased the total budget for this program by 50% ($50K). We have decreased the maximum award value in order to increase the total number of awards we can offer. We have also placed an emphasis on matching funds, especially for applications to attend conferences.

Applications for an excellence award should fall within one of the following four categories:

  1. Applications to participate in non-QCBS workshops and intensive courses (QCBS workshops are either free or heavily subsidized). The maximum amount will be $2000 and the budget should include a minimum of 20% co-funding (e.g. supervisor or department).
  2. Applications for training in the field or laboratory (the training component must be clearly identified), the maximum amount will be $1500 and it will require a minimum of 25% co-funding (e.g. supervisor).
  3. Applications to attend conferences to give an oral presentation of your research. The maximum amount will be $1500 and it will require a minimum of 50% co-funding (e.g. supervisor or department). 
  4. Applications to participate in working groups that involve travelling (for PhD candidates and post-docs). The maximum amount will be $1750 and it will require a minimum of 25% co-funding (e.g. supervisor).

Click here to view an interactive map of QCBS student excellence award recipients.

Depending on the program of studies, students are eligible for the following number of awards:

  1. Master (2 awards, 1 conference max)
  2. Ph.D. (3 awards, 2 conferences max)
  3. Postdoctoral researchers (2 awards, 1 conference max)

Call for applications

Application guidelines