Research professional: Pierre Legagneux, PhD


I am a behavioral ecologist with broad research interests including community ecology, evolutionary ecology, conservation biology and animal eco-physiology. My current research activities fall into 3 main topics: i) Understanding trophic interactions in terrestrial Arctic communities ii) Identification of the mechanisms (eco-physiological) that affect life history traits in birds. iii)Development of a citizen science project involving children/parents and professors of primary schools. I obtained my PhD in population biology from Université Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg / Centre d’Études Biologiques de Chizé, CNRS France and did two post-docs on i) eco-physiology of Common eiders and Greater snow geese and ii) Terrestrial arctic ecosystem functioning (joined projects with Université Laval, UQAR and Environment Canada). I am available to work with QCBS students and researchers on different topics of their research projects:

  • Facilitating the planning and implementation of a collaborative research network between QCBS members and other strategic groups.
  • Revision of manuscripts, grant applications and research projects
  • Advises on statistical analysis of ecological data (mixed models, model selection) and planning experiments in ecology.
  • Scientific animation, networking, help on scientific communication
  • Assist QCBS members with the R software.

Please contact me by email:

Here are some recent publications (full list with pdf is available here):

  • Legagneux, P., Gauthier, G., Lecomte, N., Schmidt, N. M., Reid, D., Cadieux, M. C., Berteaux, D., Bêty, J., Krebs, C. J., Ims, R. A., Yoccoz, N. G., Morrison, R. I. G., Leroux, S. J., Loreau, M. & Gravel, D. Arctic ecosystem structure and functioning shaped by climate and herbivore body size. Nature Climate Change, 4(5), 379-383 (2014).
  • Legagneux, P., Berzins, L. L., Forbes, M. R., Harms, N. J., Hennin, H. L.-, Bourgeon, S., Gilchrist, H. G., Bêty, J., Soos, C., Love, O. P., Foster, J. & Burness, G. No selection on avian immune traits in response to a highly virulent pathogen. Evolutionary Applications, 7(7), 765-773 (2014).
  • Bêty, J., Graham-Sauvé, M., Legagneux, P., Cadieux, M. C. & Gauthier, G. Climate warming weakens cascading effects in a High Arctic tundra food-web. Current Zoology, 60(2), 189-202.
  • Guillemain, M., Wilgenburg, S., Legagneux, P. & Hobson, K. Assessing geographic origins of Teal (Anas crecca) through stable-hydrogen (δ2H) isotope analyses of feathers and ring-recoveries. Journal of Ornithology 155, 165-172, (2014).
  • Julien, J. R., Legagneux, P., Gauthier, G., Morrison, R. I. G., Therrien, J. F. & Bêty, J. Allochthonous subsidies support an avian predator population in the High Arctic. Polar Biology 37, 193-203, (2014).
  • Bolduc, E., Casajus, N., Legagneux, P., McKinnon, L., Gilchrist, H. G., Leung, M., Morrison, R., Reid, D., Smith, P. A., Buddle, C. M. & Bêty, J. Terrestrial arthropod abundance and phenology in the Canadian Arctic: modeling resource availability for Arctic-nesting insectivorous birds. Canadian Entomologist 145, 155-170, (2013).
  • Gauthier, G., Bêty, J., Cadieux, M. C., Legagneux, P., Doiron, M., Chevallier, C., Lai, S., Tarroux, A. & Berteaux, D. Long-term monitoring at multiple trophic levels reveals heterogeneity in responses to climate change in the Canadian Arctic tundra. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 368, 20120482 (2013).
  • Legagneux, P. & Ducatez, S. European birds adjust their flight initiation distance to road speed limits. Biology Letters 9, 20130417 (2013).
  • Legagneux, P., Harms, N. J., Gauthier, G., Chastel, O., Gilchrist, H. G., Bortolotti, G. R., Bêty, J. & Soos, C. Does feather corticosterone reflect individual quality or external stress in arctic-nesting migratory birds? Plos One 8, e82644, (2013).