QCBS symposium and workshop series – Detailed description

An award dedicated to expose students and professionals partners to the best learning experiences:

This award has been put together to allow grad students and postdoctoral fellows as well as partners from governments and organizations to be exposed to high quality learning opportunities with biodiversity researchers in the context of symposium and workshops.

General rules

  • Geopoles are limited to one awards/event per fiscal year
  • The event shall take the form of a symposium or workshop where one or several invited speakers as well as several QCBS researchers and students present aspects of their research
  • The main symposium or workshop should be open to the public, although it does not preclude the organization of training workshops and specialized seminars for the QCBS members.

Amount of funding

This award co funds symposium and workshops with a QCBS financial contribution not exceeding $5000 for each event

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be organized by a QCBS member;
  • Organized in one of the QCBS partner universities;
  • Involve several QCBS researchers and graduate students;
  • Preference will be given to events which involve collaborations across research axes and or between geopoles.

Application guidelines

Detailed application guidelines can be found here.

Evaluation process

The QCBS scientific committee will evaluate applications with regards to the QCBS missions and research axes using the following criteria:

(30%) Importance of the proposed topic within the biodiversity science debate arena

(20%) Collaboration of QCBS researchers locally, but also in the network

(20%) Breath of the topic of symposium and workshop and relevance of the speakers;

(20%) Program feasibility and budget adequacy

(10%) Existence of side activities which will increase the access to the speaker(s) and make the experience more valuable for a broader audience

Award timeline

No application deadline. Send your application to the QCBS coordinator when ready: philippe.auzel@mcgill.ca

Obligations associated with the award

  • Recipients should make their association with the QCBS visible on all documents and advertizing materials (e.g. website);
  • QCBS will post information about the symposium and workshop on the QCBS website, in accordance with publication regulations and other policies;
  • Award recipients will produce a summary report for QCBS within 2 weeks of the completed activity (program, abstracts, power points to be posted on the QCBS website, attendee info, evaluation comments, photos etc.). This is important information for QCBS records.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Philippe Auzel at philippe.auzel@mcgill.ca.