Working groups – Call for applications

 The deadline for the next call is September 30th.

The purpose of QCBS working groups is to facilitate the emergence of new lines of collaborative research amongst QCBS members and their partners. The expected outcome is to establish new collaborations among researchers, more precisely among researchers active in different themes, and across axes. The working groups may arise from various approaches, and pursue various objectives:

  • The emergence of novel research themes, not previously possible, and requiring the input of additional expertise, as well as the establishment of new collaboration.
  • Collaboration between researchers with complementary training and expertise, which aims at making the whole group more competitive at the national and international levels.
  • Improve training environment quality for highly qualified personnel in biodiversity science, and the development of innovative research opportunities able to attract promising students.

Click here to learn about currently funded QCBS working groups.

Value: $5.000 to $10.000 per year per working group. Renewable once (maximum two years).   Who Is eligible: The Principal Investigator of a Working Group has to be a QCBS member. Working groups must involve several QCBS members, and participation of non-QCBS members from Quebec, Canada or other countries is highly recommended. The group must focus on a research question related to the QCBS research axes. The expertise needed to pursue a new research question must be clearly provided by members of the proposed  working group. Members are highly encouraged to invite researchers and partners from government, local administrations, private sector or NGOs. Ideally, the proposed working groups will involve researchers from at least two of the three QCBS research axes (Discovering biodiversity; Biodiversity changes and ecosystem services; Management and adaptation to biodiversity change)   Application process: Funding for Working Groups is subject to an annual call for applications, each March 1st. The call for applications is announced in the QCBS Newsletter, and is always accessible on the QCBS website. Members may still submit applications to the QCBS if opportunities arise.

  • Application Deadline: March 1st & September 30th of each year
  • Decision Date: April 1st & October 30th of each year

Please apply using the online application form found here and following the guidelines found here. For questions, contact Philippe Auzel, the QCSB Coordinator, at