Updating your Canadian Common CV for the QCBS

  • Detailed instructions can be found in this document
  • First login to the Canadian Common CV website
  • Click on CV… Funding.
  • Click on FRQNT as the funding source and CV FRQNT and then click on load.
  • Your list of publications and contributions need to be in a file attachment. This attachment needs to be formatted according to the instructions found here. Note that even if you loaded your publications in the Generic section of the CCCV, they will not be loaded on the FRQNT version of the CCCV.
  • The FRQNT requires applicants to submit their attachment electronically into Votre Dossier FRQNET (Nature et Technologies) under the Canadian commun CV.
  • When filling in the Students supervision section of the CCCV, please carefully mention all the co-supervisions of graduate students. These are very important for the evaluation of the perfomance of the network.
  • When filling in the Research Funding Section, please specify precise amounts for all funding received and pay particular attention to the percentage of the funding that was attributed to you.
  • If you were part of the renewal proposal submitted by QCBS to FRQNT in 2012, specify 3,420,000$ as the amount obtained for the QCBS and 1/87 as the percentage to each researcher for the 2013-2019 period.