Working Groups

Working groups bring together QCBS members and partner researchers with complementary areas of expertise, facilitating innovative and collaborative research projects within research axes as well as across axes. Working groups also provide research and training opportunities for students.

Working Group 25 : Améliorer les processus de diffusion et de visualisation des données sur la biodiversité

Working Group 24 : Comment contribuer à un développement durable sans perte nette de milieux humides et optimiser la planification de la conservation et la restauration/création de milieux humides, notamment en regard des changements climatiques.

Working Group 23 : One Model: Co-developing an integrated global platform to forecast and manage biodiversity and ecosystem services under climate change

Working Group 22 : Using Species’ Thermal Physiological Limits To Predict Future Biodiversity Changes

Working Group 21 : Comment le droit peut-il contribuer à un développement durable, sans perte nette de milieux humides ?

Working Group 20 : Prédire l'architecture de la biodiversité

Working Group 19 : Groupe de travail sur les infrastructures naturelles

Working Group 18 : Understanding recent biodiversity change across spatial and temporal scales

Working Group 17 : Adaptation versus maladaptation in response to environmental change

Working Group 16 : Mise en place de la structure d'un Observatoire de la biodiversité du Québec

Working Group 15 : Quantifying the effects of winter water level drawdown on the aquatic biodiversity of temperate regulated lakes

Working Group 14 : Ecosystems Accounts for Quebec: Measuring Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Working Group 12 : Forecasting groundfish biodiversity change in the Newfoundland shelf

Working Group 11 : Indigenous Stewardship of Environment and Alternative Development (INSTEAD)

Working Group 10 : Wetland biodiversity and conservation working group

Working Group 9 : Biodiversity and Disease Working Group

Working Group 8 : Eco-Evolutionary Links Between and Within Species: A Community Phylogenetics Approach

Working Group 7 : Dynamic atlas of Quebec’s biodiversity

Working Group 6 : The drivers and management of urban biodiversity

Working Group 5 : Comptes d'écosystèmes pour le Québec : mesure de la biodiversité et des services écologiques

Working Group 4 : Economy, society and biodiversity

Working Group 3 : Ecosystem Goods and Services and the Conservation of Endangered and Vulnerable Species of Québec

Working Group 2 : Evolutionary Diversification and Functioning of Communities and Ecosystems

Working Group 1 : Genetic, Phylogenetic, and Functional Diversity along Environmental Gradients