Cross-axis research

    In addition to the four research axes, several multidisciplinary research themes integrate more that one research axis and have been developed to address local concerns.

    Cross Axis Theme 5.1: An ecological network as adaptation strategy towards climatic changes

    The objective of this theme is linked to the setting up of ecological networks (green and blue zones), for example to create a greenbelt for Montreal, as the core element of an adaptation strategy to manage biodiversity and ecosystem services in the disturbed landscapes of the St. Lawrence Lowlands.

    Cross Axis Theme 5.2 : Eco-informatics

    Information technology tools have become essential, whether in ecology, or quantitative biology or in economics. The objective of this theme is to develop such tools that will facilitate discovery, processing or analysis of information and data, whether by computer specialists or expert analysts, or by the layperson. Newly developed eco-informatics tools will greatly facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge across themes and axes.