Working Group 12

Forecasting groundfish biodiversity change in the Newfoundland shelf

The goal of this working group is to quantify changes in marine biodiversity over space and time, and incorporate these biodiversity patterns as tools for forecasting changes in fish populations. The group will be working with groundfish community data collected from the Newfoundland shelf from 1980 to current, a period of time spanning a massive collapse in groundfish stocks. The objectives of this working group are: 1.Characterizing changes in spatial patterns of biodiversity over time 2.Building nonparametric models of the dominant species in this system, to determine if we can predict each species’ collapse from precollapse time series and from biodiversity patterns 3.Testing whether the regime shift is predictable by looking for changes in temporal and spatial indicator statistics, such as changes in variance


Andrew Gonzalez (McGill University), Frederic Guichard (McGill University), Pierre Pepin (DFO), Tarik Gouhier (Northeastern University), Marie-Josée Fortin (University of Toronto), Aaron Ball (McGill University),


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