Working Group 4

Economy, society and biodiversity

The purpose of the working group is to advance research on the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into the strategies of companies and organizations in Quebec. An initial state of the art to identify and characterize the various technical resources and scientific information needed to guide this reflection will be based on work done in Europe and elsewhere around the world. This working group has the following objectives:
  • The simultaneous identification of (1) research topics in the context of developing tools and mechanisms and (2) procedures for accounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services by businesses.
  • The development and testing of a standard for doing self-assessment of impacts and interdependencies of businesses, in order to evaluate the state and/or management of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Quebec context, with participating organizations and businesses;
  • The development or improvement of existing tools (SEIA and ACV) in order to integrate biodiversity into corporate strategies.
  • The group will therefore answer these questions, among others:
  • What lessons can be drawn from experiences with tools to account for biodiversity and ecosystem services?
  • What would be the nature of an effective support structure for businesses in the domain of accounting for biodiversity and ecosystem services?/
  • What are the recommendations to be made so that legislators can encourage development of an environment conducive to the recognition of biodiversity and ecosystem services, as part of a strategy and action plan that will put Quebec on ​​the path of the Aichi targets?
  • Members

    Jean-Pierre Revéret (Université du Québec à Montréal), Lael Parrott (Université de Montréal), Sophie Lavallée (Université Laval), Robert Kasisi (Université de Montréal), Mohamed Hijri (Université de Montréal), Andrew Gonzalez (McGill University), Olivier Boiral (Université Laval), Marie-France Turcotte (UQAM), Emmanuel Raufflet (HEC Montréal), Luciano Barin Cruz (HEC Montréal),


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