Working Group 3

Ecosystem Goods and Services and the Conservation of Endangered and Vulnerable Species of Québec

This working group, part of axes 2 and 3 of the QCBS, reflects on the different dimensions (research questions, assumptions, methodologies, etc.) of a research project on the relationship between the ecosystem goods and services (EGS) approach and the conservation of endangered or vulnerable species in Québec.

Research questions include: How to understand the potential impact of the adoption and operationalization of an approach to biodiversity in terms of EGS, on existing and future policies regarding the protection of endangered or vulnerable in Quebec? In other words, what are the dimensions, the contradictions, synergies, potential and limitations of conservation management in the context of conceptualizing the problem in terms of EGS, and with what consequences for changes of behavior of stakeholders and for the development and implementation of effective policies?


Philippe Le Prestre (Université Laval), Elena Bennett (McGill University), Danielle Dagenais (Université de Montréal), Sylvie de Blois (McGill University), Jaye Ellis (McGill University), Sophie Lavallée (Université Laval), Martin Lechowicz (McGill University), Michel Loreau (McGill University), Lael Parrott (Université de Montréal), Monique Poulin (Université Laval), Line Couillard (MDDEP), Benoit Limoges (MDDEP), Steve Déry (Université Laval), Philippe Meral (IRD, France), Denis Pesche (CIRAD, France),


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