Working Group 1

Genetic, Phylogenetic, and Functional Diversity along Environmental Gradients

This working group brings together a large team of experts to foster exchange of ideas and the sharing of expertise on methods for measuring and analyzing diversity across multiple taxa. The group is working towards developing a network of sites as a focus for future research, supporting targeted funding efforts through strategic grants, and developing collaborations with government departments and NGOs. The network of sites is viewed as a framework for sharing data collected about the physical environment and biotic composition; by coordinating individual projects the group will gradually build up a comprehensive set of data on the biodiversity of each site which would be useful for broader-scale analyses. A focus on linkages among taxa along gradients will aid in understanding biodiversity patterns which can in turn influence management decisions. In addition to informing biodiversity science and conservation policy, the working group facilitates the coordination of research effort and data sharing. A commitment to a broader project and multi-use of the data should be a strong selling point in seeking funding for individual projects.


Marcia Waterway (McGill University), Anne Bruneau (Université de Montréal), Luc Brouillet (Université de Montréal), Yolande Dalpé (Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada), Jonathan Davies (McGill University), Selvadurai Dayanandan (Concordia University), David Green (McGill University), Murray Humphries (McGill University), Simon Joly (Université de Montréal), François-Joseph Lapointe (Université de Montréal), Virginie Millien (McGill University), Stéphanie Pellerin (Université de Montréal), Pedro Peres-Neto (Concordia University), Bernadette Pinel-Alloul (Université de Montréal), Jade Savage (Bishop’s University), Marc St-Arnaud (Université de Montréal), Terry Wheeler (McGill University), Jacques Cayouette (Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada),


Title Event Number of Participants Date
Quebec phylogeny meeting 10 2010-01-01
Ecophylogenetics meeting 15 2011-10-11
Barcoding for Ecological Applications Workshop workshop 11 2012-02-17


Metadata and online mapping tool for biodiversity data; Biodiversity Articles Mapper
Quebec Phylogeny & DNA barcoding - (i) to generate a DNA barcode library of the Quebec flora, (ii) to sequence fly communities in the alpine tundra.