Working Group 11

Indigenous Stewardship of Environment and Alternative Development (INSTEAD)

Our central goals are (1) comparative investigation of indigenous peoples’ initiatives to implement their own visions of environmental and cultural heritage protection, (2) examination of how these initiatives arise from and/or lead to the protection of biodiversity, and (3) through partnered, collaborative research to bolster indigenous capacity in these initiatives. We believe that indigenous views of socio-ecological community and biodiversity protection represent a vital base of political creativity, a ‘place to stand’ that favors the reproduction of diverse approaches in human relationship to environment.


Colin H. Scott (McGill University), Ismael Vaccaro (McGill University), Monica Mulrennan (Concordia University), Murray Humphries (McGill University), Thora Martina Herrmann (Université de Montréal), Colin Chapman (McGill University), John Galaty (McGill University),


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