Working Group 10

Wetland biodiversity and conservation working group

This working group aim to create a synergy within a network of researchers with a common interest in the development of new understanding and tools for the conservation of wetland areas. In this context, the objectives of this working group are: 1)To create a synergy of researchers with a common interest in the development of new understandings and tools for the conservation of wetland areas; 2)To promote new research opportunities to train new promising students and help them foster knowledge on wetland areas; The specific objectives and the main deliverables are: 1)To make an assessment of up-to-date data on different types of wetland biodiversity of Quebec and make this information accessible via the QBCS website; 2)To make an assessment of legislative tools used for the conservation of wetlands of Quebec followed by a critical analysis based on the expertise developed in other countries or provinces; 3)To complete a synthesis on different decision support tools developed throughout the world to promote the protection of wetlands; 4)To establish the basics of new projects that aim to develop decision support tools in favor of the conservation of wetlands that meets multi-scale biodiversity criteria.


Monique Poulin (Université Laval), Stéphanie Pellerin (Université de Montréal), Claude Lavoie (Université Laval), Sophie Lavallée (Université Laval), Irene Gregory-Eaves (McGill University), Sylvie de Blois (McGill University), Marcel Darveau (Université Laval), Jacques Brisson (Université de Montréal), Jérome Theau (Université de Sherbrooke), Marie Larocque (Université du Québec à Montréal), Sylvain Jutras (Université Laval), Martin Joly (MDDEP), Richard Fournier (Département de géomatique appliquée, Université de Sherbrooke), Michel Bergeron (MDDEP),


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