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Recent publications by QCBS members

Global phosphorus flows through agricultural trade
Member(s): Elena Bennett
Global Environmental Change 2018 (Added: 2018-04-16)

From single steps to mass migration: The problem of scale in the movement ecology of the serengeti wildebeest
Member(s): James Grant
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2018 (Added: 2018-04-09)

Into the wild-WAMBAM goes to Canada
Member(s): Denis Réale
Molecular Ecology 2018 (Added: 2018-04-07)

Moderate effect of damming the Romaine River (Quebec, Canada) on coastal plankton dynamics
Member(s): Gesche Winkler
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 2018 (Added: 2018-04-06)

Restoration science does not need redefinition
Member(s): Tony Ricciardi
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2018 (Added: 2018-04-05)

Automated extraction of movement rationales for building agent-based models: Example of a red colobus monkey group
Agent-Based Models and Complexity Science in the Age of Geospatial Big Data, Advances in Geographic Information Science 2018 (Added: 2018-04-04)

Mitochondrial phenotype during torpor: Modulation of mitochondrial electron transport system in the Chilean mouse–opossum Thylamys elegans
Member(s): Pierre Blier
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology -Part A : Molecular and Integrative Physiology 2018 (Added: 2018-03-28)

Hunting regulation favors slow life histories in a large carnivore
Member(s): Fanie Pelletier
Nature Communications 2018 (Added: 2018-03-28)

Developmental plasticity of the stress response in female but not in male guppies
Member(s): Simon Reader
Royal Society Open Science 2018 (Added: 2018-03-27)

Donner le goût à l’école par l’entremise de l’environnement
Member(s): Catherine Simard
Soutenir le goût de l'école 2018 (Added: 2018-03-27)

Primate Fruit Color: Useful Concept or Alluring Myth?
Member(s): Colin Chapman
International Journal of Primatology 2018 (Added: 2018-03-21)

Environmental controls of C, N and P biogeochemistry in peatland pools
Member(s): Julie Talbot
Science of the Total Environment 2018 (Added: 2018-03-20)

Corporate Biodiversity Management through Certifiable Standards
Member(s): Olivier Boiral
Business Strategy and the Environment 2018 (Added: 2018-03-16)

Lack of interruption of the gene network underlying wing polyphenism in an early-branching ant genus
Member(s): Ehab Abouheif
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution 2018 (Added: 2018-03-16)