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Le temps des sucres et les changements climatiques
ici Radio-Canada , Published:2018-03-28, Added:2018-03-29

Bears Are Caring for Their Cubs Longer in Response to Hunting
National Geogrpahic, Published:2018-03-28, Added:2018-03-29

Les lois sur la chasse influencent le comportement maternel des ours bruns
Université de Sherbrooke, Published:2018-03-27, Added:2018-03-29

McGill professors debate the effectiveness of fossil fuel divestment
The McGill Tribune, Published:2018-03-20, Added:2018-03-29

«Le Canada doit faire ses devoirs de citoyen de la planète»
Université de Sherbrooke, Published:2018-03-02, Added:2018-03-29

Thinking Out Loud: 5 hot listens for cold nights
Concordia News, Published:2018-02-24, Added:2018-02-23

Une saison dans la vie du Saint-Laurent
Le Devoir, Published:2018-02-21, Added:2018-02-27

The quickest way to someone’s heart is through your wallet
The McGill Tribune, Published:2018-02-20, Added:2018-02-23

La santé sous le microscope à l’INRS
Le Devoir, Published:2018-02-17, Added:2018-02-27

1,6 M$ pour la formation d'experts sur la qualité de l'eau
ici Radio-Canada , Published:2018-02-02, Added:2018-02-27

Fieldwork with elephants? It's no walk in the park
Concordia News, Published:2018-01-23, Added:2018-01-26

Linguistics Research Informs Evolution and Vice Versa
EQW News, Published:2018-01-19, Added:2018-01-26

Borrowing a leaf from biology to preserve threatened languages
McGill Newsroom, Published:2018-01-13, Added:2018-01-10

Study shows treeshrews break evolutionary ‘rules’
Yale News, Published:2018-01-05, Added:2018-01-10

Palmarès Québec Science
Actualités UQAM, Published:2018-01-04, Added:2018-01-10

Professors inducted into Royal Society of Canada
McGill, Published:2017-12-11, Added:2018-01-10

Researcher spotlight: Elena Bennett
Youtube, Published:2017-12-11, Added:2018-01-10

Statistical tool reveals climate change impacts on plants
McGill Channels, Published:2017-12-06, Added:2017-12-04

Sign of the times: Morphing mice adapt to changing climate
The McGill Reporter, Published:2017-11-28, Added:2017-12-04

As climate warms, mice morph
ScienceDaily, Published:2017-11-27, Added:2017-12-04

Réchauffement: les souris québécoises se transforment
La Presse, Published:2017-11-27, Added:2017-12-04

Le géographe fringant
ici Radio-Canada , Published:2017-11-26, Added:2017-12-04

Mercury decline in seabirds due to diet, not emissions controls
The Conversation, Published:2017-11-22, Added:2017-12-04

The rise of invasive species denialism
The McGill Tribune, Published:2017-11-14, Added:2017-12-04

Drones et applications en environnement
Université de Sherbrooke, Published:2017-11-14, Added:2017-12-04

Faire pousser les saules dans l’eau sale
La Presse, Published:2017-11-12, Added:2017-12-04

Son message à presque 110 ans: «aimez-vous les uns et les autres»
Journal Metro, Published:2017-11-11, Added:2017-12-04