QCBS Students

Antoine Tardif

Université de Sherbrooke
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: John William Shipley
Start: 2015-05-02

Natural revegetation of mining sites using the approach of functional traits

1- When does grazing generate stable vegetation patterns in temperate pastures?
Dumont, Bertrand, Nicolas Rossignol, Grégory Loucougaray, Pascal Carrère, Joël Chadoeuf, Géraldine Fleurance, Anne Bonis, Anne Farruggia, Stéphanie Gaucherand, Cécile Ginane, Frédérique Louault, Benoit Marion, François Mesléard, Nicole Yavercovski
2012 Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

2- Using the biomass-ratio and idiosyncratic hypotheses to predict mixed-species litter decomposition
Tardif, A., B. Shipley
2012 Annals of Botany

3- Can the biomass-ratio hypothesis predict mixed-species litter decomposition along a climatic gradient?
Tardif, A., B. Shipley, J. M. G. Bloor, J.-F. Soussana
2014 Annals of Botany

4- The relationship between functional dispersion of mixed-species leaf litter mixtures and species' interactions during decomposition
Tardif, Antoine, Bill Shipley
2015 Oikos