Thomas Meredith

Professeur agrégé,
McGill University

Department of Geography
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  • Gestion communautaire des ressources environnementale et écologique
  • Technologie de l’information (GIS, Web, images satellitaires) dans les décisions environnementales
  • L’adaptation et l’innovation dans les systèmes d’occupation des sols aborigènes et traditionnels
  • L’évaluation des répercussions environnementales – les valeurs de la communauté et la participation publique

  • Étudiants CSBQ

    Anciens étudiants (depuis 2009)

    Saad Eldin Hassan

    Postdoctoral fellow
    (Début: 2007, Fin: 2011)
    Autre (co-)superviseur membre du CSBQ: Marc St-Arnaud
    Molecular biodiversity of microbial communities in polluted soils and their role in soil phytoremediation

    Alec Blair

    (Début: 2009, Fin: 2015)
    Community Conservation in Laikipia, Kenya

    Diana Burbano

    (Début: 2013, Fin: 2018)
    Évaluation des moyens de subsistance basés sur les ressources face au développement du tourisme dans les Îles Galapagos: une analyse comparative entre les îles peuplées

    Valerie Gerrish

    (Début: 2006, Fin: 2009)
    Community-based conservation in Panama

    Melanie MacDonald

    (Début: 2010, Fin: 2014)
    Environmental Management in Kibera, Kenya

    Exemples d'espèces étudiées

    Cladium mariscus
    Rangifer tarandus
    Rangifer tarandus caribou


    35- Vulnerabilities in the conservation– tourism alliance: the impacts of covid-19 in laikipia and the galapagos islands
    Meredith T , Blair A , Burbano D V ,
    2020 Human Ecology Review (Date Added: 2021-05-04)

    34- Effects of tourism growth in a UNESCO World Heritage Site: resource-based livelihood diversification in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
    Burbano D V , Meredith T C ,
    2020 Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Date Added: 2020-10-24)

    32- Exclusionary decision-making processes in marine governance: The rezoning plan for the protected areas of the ‘iconic’ Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
    Burbano D V , Meredith T C , Mulrennan M E ,
    2019 Ocean and Coastal Management (Date Added: 2019-12-25)

    30- Community-supported slum-upgrading: Innovations from Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya
    Meredith T , MacDonald M ,
    2017 Habitat International (Date Added: 2017-02-10)

    29- Adaptation and Indigenous peoples in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
    Ford J , , Maillet M , Pouliot V , Meredith T , Cavanaugh A ,
    2016 Climatic Change (Date Added: 2017-02-10)

    28- Kibera Integrated Water Sanitation and Waste Management Project: Progress and Promise: Innovations in Slum Upgrading
    Meredith, TaMM
    2014 United Nations Human Settlements Programme (Date Added: 2016-08-16)

    27- The Challenge for Africa: A New Vision by Wangari Maathai
    Meredith, TC
    2011 Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien (Date Added: 2012-04-03)

    26- Environmental Impact Assessment: Practice and Participation (2nd ed.) edited by Kevin S. Hanna
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    Klinsky, S, Sieber, R, Meredith, T
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    24- Connecting Local to Global: Geographic Information Systems and Ecological Footprints as Tools for Sustainability
    Klinsky, S, Sieber, R, Meredith, T
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    23- Tropical forest transitions and globalization: Neo-liberalism, migration, tourism, and international conservation agendas
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    21- A collaborative GIS method for integrating local and technical knowledge in establishing biodiversity conservation priorities
    Balram, S, Dragi?evi?, S, Meredith, T
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    20- Achieving effectiveness in stakeholder participation using the GIS-based Collaborative Spatial Delphi methodology
    Balram, S, Dragicevic, S, Meredith, T
    2003 Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management (Date Added: 2011-07-22)

    19- Using spatial decision support systems in expert workshops
    Meredith, TC
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    18- Democracy and participation in environmental decision-making
    Meredith, TC
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    17- Cross cultural participation in sustainable development: Canadian academic involvement with Mexican ENGOs
    Meredith, TC, Frias, G
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    15- Open letter from the President of SHE [1]
    Meredith, T
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