Articles récents des membres du CSBQ

Marine resource management and conservation in the Anthropocene
Membre(s): Ismael Vaccaro
Environmental Conservation 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-11-16)

Towards an eco-phylogenetic framework for infectious disease ecology
Membre(s): Jonathan Davies
Biological Reviews 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-11-16)

Why phylogenies do not always predict ecological differences
Ecological Monographs 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-11-11)

On Developing an Inter-Agency Trust Scale for Assessing Governance Networks in the Public Sector
Membre(s): Gordon Hickey
International Public Management Journal 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-11-11)

Scientific expertise and transnational standards: Authority, legitimacy, validity
Membre(s): Jaye Ellis
Transnational Legal Theory 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-11-07)

A framework for analyzing institutional gaps in natural resource governance
Membre(s): Gordon Hickey
International Journal of the Commons 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-11-01)

Drainage and fertilization effects on nutrient availability in an ombrotrophic peatland
Membre(s): Julie Talbot
Science of the Total Environment 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-31)

Pilot scale aided-phytoremediation of a co-contaminated soil
Membre(s): Mohamed Hijri
Science of the Total Environment 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-30)

The Role of Translation in Transnational Governance
Membre(s): Jaye Ellis
Tilburg Law Review 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-28)

Controlling Purple Jewelweed (Impatiens glandulifera): Assessment of Feasibility and Costs
Membre(s): Claude Lavoie
Invasive Plant Science and Management 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-22)

Dispersal and density-dependent growth of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) juveniles: Clumped versus dispersed stocking
Membre(s): Dylan Fraser
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-20)

The effect of selection history on extinction risk during severe environmental change
Membre(s): Graham Bell
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-17)

Low-head dams facilitate Round Goby Neogobius melanostomus invasion
Membre(s): Tony Ricciardi
Biological Invasions 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-16)

Understanding the Processes Underpinning Patterns of Phylogenetic Regionalization
Membre(s): Jonathan Davies
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-01)

Trophic dynamics of a simple model ecosystem
Membre(s): Graham Bell
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2017 (Ajouté: 2017-10-01)