Job announcements

Various employment opportunities at Duvetnor

L'Ile aux Lievres, Le Pot à L'Eau de Vie | Posted: 2019-04-08


Formation intensive en Botanique appliquée

Station de biologie des Laurentides de l’Université de Montréal à Saint‐Hippolyte | Posted: 2019-04-08


Mathematical Ecology

| Posted: 2019-03-11

Postdoctoral opportunities

Postdoctoral position in spectranomics

Université de Montréal | Posted: 2019-04-12


Postdoctoral position in Conservation biology and Ecosystem services.

Laval University | Posted: 2019-03-29


Spatial dynamics of narwhal in a rapidly changing environment – Post Doctoral Fellowship Position

Winnipeg or Windsor | Posted: 2019-03-25


Ph.D. and M.Sc. opportunities

PhD Projects - fish and marine birds

UQAR | Posted: 2019-04-08

Master's project; Deer-Forest Interactions

(Laval University) Anticosti Island | Posted: 2019-03-11

PhD Studentships in Aquatic Community Ecologie

Concordia University | Posted: 2019-02-27

PhD - Boreal Vegetation Responses to Climate Change

University of Alberta | Posted: 2019-04-01

PhD Position - Sexual Selection and Sperm Networks in a Sexually Dimorphic New Zealend Insect

Université du Quebec a Montreal | Posted: 2019-02-22