Course Practicals

Course practicals may consist of short literature reviews, statistical analysis or computer modelling. Practicals will generally be conducted in small groups of 2-4 students, which will be assembled with the aim of mixing students from different universities and with different expertise. The objective is to encourage team work amongst students from different universities and from different research backgrounds. Students will hand in their assignments at the end of the day on which they are assigned.

Course Project

The project write-up can be submitted up to one week after the course. The format of the project will be flexible, but we will expect presentation of original work, such as a synthesis of ideas, perspectives on current topics in biodiversity science, or analysis and interpretation of new or existing data.

Students can submit their work in French or English.

Auditors are not required to submit a course project.

Course Evaluation and Grading

This applies to students officially registered and who are eligible to receive credits:

  • Four short assignments, which may consist or written or oral presentations related to specific course modules (40%)
  • Class participation (20%)
  • Write-up of project (30%)
  • Project presentation (10%)