QCBS mission

Biodiversity science is an emerging and highly integrative field of research. The QCBS represents a source of research and training excellence in biodiversity science for the academic community, government, and public of Québec. By bringing over 100 researchers together, the QCBS facilitates and enhances the training of hundreds of highly qualified professionals for Québec’s future. The mission of the QCBS is:

  • To foster and promote a world-class research and training program in biodiversity science;
  • To facilitate scientific cooperation and learning among a cross-disciplinary group of researchers;
  • To assume a lead role on biodiversity related issues and to contribute to the academic and public debate on biodiversity loss.

The QCBS brings value-added to biodiversity research and creates opportunities for research breakthroughs by assembling a critical mass of researchers, structuring research activities along three key axes, and pooling access to high quality infrastructure.