QCBS Student Network

To complete the QCBS network while giving it a new dimension, one of six priorities of the QCBS is to accelerate the establishment of a network between the hundreds of students and post doctoral researchers.

The goal is to empower and promote the involvement of QCBS students as they become the main actors of information flow between the QCBS geopoles and globally. Ultimately, collaborations will develop in a network with several hundred students of partner universities in Quebec.

Student representatives in each geopole:

  • are responsible for making the connection between the QCBS direction and the student body (non- graduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researcher) in each of the QCBS geopoles;
  • disseminate information on QCBS initiatives for students of their geographical pole (supplementary scholarship, training, etc.) and inform their colleagues about scientific conferences, training opportunities and other events of interest;
  • must listen to the concerns of students, especially for the development of initiatives that QCBS can support and promote across the network;
  • regularly inform the QCBS direction committee about students’ concerns and initiatives through their permanent representatives.

The QCBS blog is now run by the student network: Le Beagle

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