Scientific council

The role of the scientific council is the following:

  • To provide guidance on the research and training activities of the research axis for which they are responsible.
  • To ensure that collaboration is achieved within and between the research axes.
  • To aid the director make decisions about research awards, training awards and other issues of funding.
  • To complete an annual report on the activities of their research axis to be submitted to the director. The latter will then complete an annual report on this basis of this information.

The scientific council comprises the QCBS director and coordinator as well as the science directors of each of the three QCBS research axes.

Dr. France Dufresne Associate Professor, département  de biologie, Université de Québec à Rimouski Axis 1
Dr. Murray Humphries  Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resource Science, McGill University  Axis 2
Dr. Monica Mulrennan Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Concordia University Axis 3

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