Executive committee

The Executive committee is an importent component of the QCBS governance structure. Through regular meetings, its role is to support the QCBS Director for many tasks, such as: (1) adopting the scientific program developed by the Scientific council; (2) validating the annual  budget prepared; (3)follow‐up on resolutions adopted at the general assembly; (4) participating in the hiring process of administrative and scientific staff; (5) endorsing the decisions of the researchers funding review committees.

The executive committee is composed of:

  • The QCBS Director;
  • The QCBS Coordinator;
  • Representatives of each QCBS geopole (7);
  • One student and one postdoc representatives (2);
  • One QCBS member who represents researchers with a non‐university status CHA or CHG (1).

QCBS members (researchers, students, employees), are invited to discuss with their representative about initiatives they might have for the QCBS.

Current geopoles representatives are:

2016 student representative is:

  • Zofia Taranu, Université de Montréal

Past members of the Executive Comittee: