Microsatellite data analysis clinic

You have data for a few microsatellite loci, but you’re not sure if this will be enough for an analysis? You’re interested in investigating genetic diversity, population structure, isolation-by-distance, inbreeding or gene flow and aren’t sure where to start and what software you should use? Come to the microsatellites data analysis clinic! Sébastien Rioux Paquette will be available on Friday May 11th in the QCBS office to give advices to QCBS students on microsatellites data project design and analyses. You are invited to reserve your spot directly through Sébastien. Sébastien’s expertise is described on his page

To ensure an efficient use of time you should be prepared to :

  • Describe your project objectives in a few minutes
  • Provide a quick overview of the number of populations, individuals and loci you have in hand
  • Formulate a few specific questions to Sébastien