Research professional: Annie Archambault

I have a background in molecular systematics (M. Sc) and gene expression (PhD). I am always curious about the molecular mechanisms underlying adaptive or ecologically relevant traits.

I would be happy to assist QCBS researchers with activities such as:

  • Hosting workshops to present new techniques
  • Participating in grant proposal preparation
  • Proposing new laboratory protocols
  • Estimating costs for new laboratory protocols

Projects :

Researchers are invited to share with me their medium and long term objectives for questions relative to molecular biology. That way, if a method becomes popular, we could approach the question as a team, plan group workshops, request quotes from genomics and proteomics service providers.

I also participate in the wiki that all QCBS members and students can edit. One of the objectives is to facilitate knowledge sharing for techniques and tools in biodiversity science. The wiki will be especially useful for posting the procedures and protocols at a glance mastered by QCBS researchers.

Please contact me by email or at (514) 398-8719