Research professional: Annie Archambault PhD

My background is in molecular systematics (M. Sc) and gene expression in arctic plants (PhD).

At the QCBS my activities include:

If you recognize yourself in one of these lines, contact me!

  • My team will need to do real-time quantitative PCR experiment (qPCR). I wonder how much time and money I should allocate to this.
  • On GenBank, I noticed that lots of genome sequence data is available for my species of interest. How could I use them to design primers targeting SNPs or microsatellite loci?
  • I am writing my first scientific paper, and the sections for the laboratory and the sequence analyses is giving me trouble.
  • I am planning my field trip and I wonder what material I should bring to collect and store my specimens.
  • I wish to use a phylogenetic tree for an analysis, but those already published are not appropriate. How can I make a new one?
  • In our lab, we tried for the first time to extract DNA from our organism under study, but yields were way too low. Which step of the the protocol should I modify?
  • I am writing grant proposals and am adding a section on “sequencing”. I would like to confirm the budget estimation I did.
  • My first amplifications with this new primer pair are disastrous. What can I change in the PCR protocol to make it work?


Please contact me by email or at (514) 398-8719