Research professionals

The QCBS team includes four research professionals who help develop collaborative research, contribute to student training, facilitate network development, and participate in outreach. As a QCBS member, you have access to the expertise of the Research Professionals for projects in biodiversity science. The research professionals are

Annie Archambault
Guillaume Larocque
Nicolas Brunet
Cédric Frenette Dussault

To request the assistance of one of these specialists, please contact the research professional whose background is most related to the project.

QCBS guidelines for prioritizing research professional projects are as follows:


  • The project is directly related to biodiversity science.
  • The project and timeline are well defined.
  • The role of the Research Professional is clear, specific, and substantive but not excessive.
  • The project draws on the expertise of the Research Professional.
  • The project fits within the time constraints and existing commitments of the Research Professional.


  • The project is collaborative, involving multiple QCBS members.
  • The project crosses disciplines and/or QCBS research themes.
  • The project is innovative, using new approaches or methods.
  • The project includes training on specialized, advanced or key methods.
  • The project includes elements of knowledge transfer to other QCBS members (students, postdocs, and/or researchers).
  • The project builds on an existing QCBS initiative (e.g. seed grant or working group).