Seed grants – Guidelines for application

The next application deadline is April 30. Please apply using the online application form! The following paragraphs describe guidelines on information to be provided when applying for a QCBS seed grant. Following the guidelines will greatly facilitate the evaluation process. Thank you for sending to the QCBS a single .pdf document containing all the requested sections. Seed grants applications must contain the following items.

Cover letter (maximum 1 page)

The cover letter must include the following information: Name the Principal Investigator and all applicants, details on their academic institution or affiliation, ID, FRQNT NIP and email address. The cover letter should be brief and summarize the proposal content, elaborated in the following sections.

Justification and description of proposed activity (maximum 2 pages)

  • Project title
  • Overview of the proposed area of collaboration
  • Statement explaining how the proposed activity will support a new collaboration and cannot be accomplished with existing funds
  • Brief explanation of the proposed use of funds, including budget of estimated expenses

CVs from each non-member

A 2 to 3 pages CV for each member of the team that are not QCBS members, should be included with the seed grant application.

Estimated budget (maximum 1 page)

The budget consists in a table describing all the expenses planned under the activities of the seed grant project. Please use the following table as a template:

Item Cost per unit Number of units Total amount

Other funding received from the QCBS

The application must include a list of QCBS grants and awards received since 2009 by the seed grant applicants, listed by date awarded and including information on the type, amount, and the title of grants and awards. This list will not include QCBS excellence awards or QCBS prizes received by students supervised or co-supervised by the applicants.