Working Group 9

Biodiversity and Disease Working Group

Biodiversity and Disease Working Group will integrate ecological and evolutionary perspectives into mitigating the effects disease on biodiversity. We propose to gather experts whose research has implications for the ecology and evolution of disease in wildlife systems. We aim to create a collaboration which not only synthesizes the existing knowledge about integrating mechanistic approaches to understanding disease in wild populations, particularly ones of social and economic concern, but also provide guidance to better incorporate this knowledge with current practices for managing and eradicating disease in Québec and the rest of Canada. Due to a number of compounding factors, southern Québec is among a select global set of regions recently identified as global terrestrial disease hotspots for vertebrates.


Fanie Pelletier (Université de Sherbrooke), Dany Garant (Université de Sherbrooke), Marco Festa Bianchet (Université de Sherbrooke), Colin Chapman (McGill University), Sophie Calmé (Université de Sherbrooke), Virginie Millien (McGill University), Steeve Côté (Université Laval), Daniel Fortin (Université Laval), Susan Kutz (University of Calgary), Julien Mainguy (Ministère des Ressources Naturelles et de la Faune), Eric Vander Wal (Université de Sherbrooke),