Research overview

An integrated biodiversity science requires simultaneous progress to be made on three core research axes. The QCBS structures its research activities around these axes to maximize collaborative interactions and training:

1)Discovering biodiversity: improving our basic knowledge about the diversity and distribution of organisms (Axis 1)

2)Linking biodiversity change to ecosystems: deepening our understanding of the link between biodiversity and ecosystem processes and services (Axis 2)

3)Management, evaluation and governance for biodiversity change: using this information to evaluate the cultural and economic value of biodiversity and to inform management and policy decisions (Axis 3)

Each research area is linked with research infrastructure at a partner university. The QCBS partner institutions have made significant investments in biodiversity research

In addition to the three core axes, several integrated cross-axis research projects have been developed to address topics of regional concern.

In the long term, the research activities of the QCBS will produce General Biodiversity and ecosystem Functioning Models (GBFMs) as well as new strategies for conservation and sustainable use of Québec’s biodiversity