Research contracts

The QCBS is engaged in scientific research concerning biodiversity with local and provincial governments, as well as with non-government organizations.

Elaboration of a methodological guide for an economic evaluation of non-market goods in the context of an increase of the capability of making adaptation decisions.
Principal investigator: Jean-Pierre Revéret (UQAM), 2011-2012

The impact of climate change on the synchronism between pests and their natural enemies: consequences on biological control in an agricultural environment in Quebec.
Principal investigator: Jacques Brodeur, Institut de recherche en biologie végétale, Université de Montréal, 2011-2013

Corridors, biodiversity and ecological services: an ecological network for the maintenance of connections and resilient management of CC in the West of St. Lawrence lowlands (website).
Principal investigator: Andrew Gonzalez (McGill), 
2011 – 2013

Implantation of controlled green systems in urban areas at the source of storm water in the context of adaptation to climat change: benchmarking practices of Quebec, Canada, and on an international scale, and development of a framework of an implantation for municipalities of Southern Quebec.
Principal investigator: Danielle Dagenais (Université de Montréal), 2010-2012

Development of a methodological framework and sampling for a follow-up of biodiversity as a function of CC  (website).
Principal investigator: Pedro Peres-Neto (UQAM), 2010-2012

Impact of CC on the expansion of invader reed in  spawning ground of the Northern pike, and of the perch of St. Lawrence river.
Principal investigator: Claude Lavoie (U.Laval), 
2010 – 2013

Combined effects of habitat fragmentation and of CC on invasive species:  small host mammals and vector ticks of bacteria responsible for the spread of Lyme disease in Quebec (website).
Principal investigator: Virginie Millien (McGill), 2010-2013

Tools for evaluating the risks on biological invasion in the context of CC.
Principal investigator: Sylvie de Blois (McGill), 2010 – 2013

Impacts of climat change on the biodiversity in Quebec.
Principal investigator: Andrew Gonzalez (McGill), 2010

Effets of CC on the biodiversity of Quebec (CC-Bio).
Principal investigator: Dominique Berteaux (UQAR), 2007-2011