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Recent publications by QCBS members

Embracing heterothermic diversity: non-stationary waveform analysis of temperature variation in endotherms
Member(s): Murray Humphries
Journal of Comparative Physiology B: Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology 2017 (Added: 2017-12-15)

Member(s): Elena Bennett
Biogeochemistry 2017 (Added: 2017-12-12)

What genomic data can reveal about eco-evolutionary dynamics
Member(s): Andrew Hendry
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2017 (Added: 2017-12-08)

Evolutionary Restoration Ecology
Member(s): Andrew Hendry
Foundations of Restoration Ecology: Second Edition 2017 (Added: 2017-12-08)

Comparison of gastrointestinal parasite communities in vervet monkeys
Member(s): Colin Chapman
Integrative Zoology 2017 (Added: 2017-12-08)

The commons in the central pyrenees. Idealizing the past and rethinking the present
Member(s): Ismael Vaccaro
Revista de Antropologia Social 2017 (Added: 2017-12-07)

Unravelling the evolutionary origins of biogeographic assemblages
Member(s): Jonathan Davies
Diversity and Distributions 2017 (Added: 2017-12-07)

Tracking cairns: Biologging improves the use of seabirds as sentinels of the sea
Member(s): Kyle Elliott
Frontiers in Marine Science 2017 (Added: 2017-12-07)

The population genetics of pangenomes
Member(s): Jesse Shapiro
Nature Microbiology 2017 (Added: 2017-12-06)

Evolutionary Rescue
Member(s): Graham Bell
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 2017 (Added: 2017-12-02)

Time perception-based decision making in a parasitoid wasp
Member(s): Jacques Brodeur
Behavioral Ecology 2017 (Added: 2017-11-30)

Hypoxia acclimation increases novelty response strength during fast-starts in the African mormyrid, Marcusenius victoriae
Member(s): Lauren Chapman
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology -Part A : Molecular and Integrative Physiology 2017 (Added: 2017-11-28)

Legitimizing Corporate (Un) Sustainability: A Case Study of Passive SMEs
Member(s): Olivier Boiral
Organization and Environment 2017 (Added: 2017-11-27)

Adaptation costs to constant and alternating polluted environments
Member(s): Denis Réale
Evolutionary Applications 2017 (Added: 2017-11-23)

What modulates animal longevity? Fast and slow aging in bivalves as a model for the study of lifespan
Member(s): Pierre Blier
Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 2017 (Added: 2017-11-23)

Darting Primates: Steps Toward Procedural and Reporting Standards
Member(s): Colin Chapman
International Journal of Primatology 2017 (Added: 2017-11-22)