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Recent publications by QCBS members

The Search for ‘Evolution-Proof’ Antibiotics
Member(s): Graham Bell
Trends in Microbiology 2018 (Added: 2018-05-23)

Monts Otish, Québec
Eastern Alpine Guide: Natural History and Conservation of Mountain Tundra East of the Rockies 2018 (Added: 2018-05-23)

Are local losses of biodiversity causing degraded ecosystem function?
Member(s): Mark Vellend
Oxford University Press 2018 (Added: 2018-05-23)

Other alpine sites on the Canadian shield
Eastern Alpine Guide: Natural History and Conservation of Mountain Tundra East of the Rockies 2018 (Added: 2018-05-23)

Invasive species denialism revisited: response to Sagoff
Member(s): Tony Ricciardi
Biological Invasions 2018 (Added: 2018-05-22)

Agent-Based Models and Complexity Science in the Age of Geospatial Big Data
Advances in Geographic Information Science Series. 2018 (Added: 2018-05-22)

The impact of flooding on aquatic ecosystem services
Member(s): Elena Bennett
Biogeochemistry 2018 (Added: 2018-05-22)

Numerical ecology with R
Member(s): Pierre Legendre
Springer 2018 (Added: 2018-05-18)

Numerical ecology
Member(s): Pierre Legendre
Encyclopedia of Ecology 2018 (Added: 2018-05-18)

Environmental challenges for the Belt and Road Initiative
Member(s): Jochen Jaeger
Nature Sustainability 2018 (Added: 2018-05-17)

Response diversity, functional redundancy and post-logging productivity in northern temperate and boreal forests
Member(s): Élise Filotas
Ecological Applications : a Publication of the Ecological Society of America 2018 (Added: 2018-05-14)

Embracing urban complexity
Member(s): Andrew Gonzalez
Urban Planet 2018 (Added: 2018-05-14)

Competition for food in 2 populations of a wild-caught fish
Member(s): James Grant
Current Zoology 2018 (Added: 2018-05-14)

Evolutionary Rates Standardized for Evolutionary Space: Perspectives on Trait Evolution
Member(s): Andrew Hendry
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2018 (Added: 2018-05-12)

Biological control: Achievements and opportunities
Member(s): Jacques Brodeur
BioControl 2018 (Added: 2018-05-08)

Population study of greater snow geese and its nesting habitat on Bylot Island, Nunavut in 2017: a progress report
Arctic Goose Joint Venture, Environment Canada, and Parks Canada 2018 (Added: 2018-05-07)

Wintering space use and site fidelity in a nomadic species, the snowy owl
Member(s): Joël Bêty
Journal of Avian Biology 2018 (Added: 2018-05-07)