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Recent publications by QCBS members

The quality of sustainability reports and impression management: A stakeholder perspective
Member(s): Olivier Boiral
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 2017 (Added: 2017-03-22)

paco: Implementing Procrustean Approach to Cophylogeny in R
Member(s): Timothée Poisot
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2017 (Added: 2017-03-11)

Adoption and Outcomes of ISO 14001: A Systematic Review
Member(s): Olivier Boiral
International Journal of Management Reviews 2017 (Added: 2017-03-02)

Economy wide impacts of ethanol and biodiesel policy in Canada: An input–output analysis
Member(s): Paul Thomassin
International Journal of Green Energy 2017 (Added: 2017-03-01)

Greening Remote SMEs: The Case of Small Regional Airports
Member(s): Olivier Boiral
Journal of Business Ethics 2017 (Added: 2017-02-16)

SA8000 as CSR-Washing? The Role of Stakeholder Pressures
Member(s): Olivier Boiral
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 2017 (Added: 2017-02-16)

Effects of competition on fitness-related traits
Member(s): Pedro Peres-Neto
Oecologia 2017 (Added: 2017-02-13)

Integrating occurrence data and expert maps for improved species range predictions
Member(s): Pedro Peres-Neto
Global Ecology and Biogeography 2017 (Added: 2017-02-13)