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Recent publications by QCBS members

Early Activation of MAPK and Apoptosis in Nutritive Embryos of Calyptraeid Gastropods
Member(s): Ehab Abouheif
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution 2017 (Added: 2017-07-09)

The Endurance of Relational Ontology: Encounters between Eeyouch and Sport Hunters
Member(s): Colin H. Scott
Entangled Territorialities: Negotiating Indigenous Lands in Australia and Canada 2017 (Added: 2017-07-08)

Transferability and scalability of species distribution models: A test with sedentary marine invertebrates
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2017 (Added: 2017-07-05)

How parallel is parallel evolution? A comparative analysis in fishes
Member(s): Andrew Hendry
American Naturalist 2017 (Added: 2017-07-04)

Stabilizing mechanisms in a food web with an introduced omnivore
Member(s): Gregor Fussmann
Ecology and Evolution 2017 (Added: 2017-06-24)

Foraging in maize field areas: A risky business?
Member(s): Monique Boily
Science of the Total Environment 2017 (Added: 2017-06-24)

Do Male Cook Strait Giant Weta Prudently Allocate Sperm?
Member(s): Clint Kelly
Journal of Insect Behavior 2017 (Added: 2017-06-08)

Winter use of a highly diverse suite of habitats by irruptive snowy owls
Member(s): Nicolas Lecomte
Northeastern Naturalist 2017 (Added: 2017-06-03)