QCBS Students

HM Tuihedur Rahman

McGill University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Gordon Hickey
Start: 2014-01-01
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Livelihood vulnerability and resisilience to climate change: A study of the North-Eastern flood plain communities of Bangladesh
As one of the most climate-affected countries on the Earth, Bangladesh experiences different climatic stresses (e.g. flood, drought, storm) each year with significant implications for its natural resource dependent communities and households. The nature and impact of these stresses are site specific, depending upon local socio-economic, geographic, ecological and climatic features . Government resource management policies, strategies and institutional approaches also influence local levels of vulnerability and resilience . Despite generally high levels of livelihood vulnerability to climate-related stresses, locally based knowledge and systematic, in-depth research that can inform effective policy options and development planning approaches remains scarce in Bangladesh. Consequently, most of the existing policy approaches tend to be generalized and centrally devised, leading to outcomes that are often inappropriate for satisfying the local social-ecological challenges affecting sustainable rural development. More specifically, knowledge gaps pertaining to understanding livelihood vulnerability and the inherent social resilience of communities is creating considerable policy challenges. This proposed PhD research therefore seeks to bridge these knowledge gaps by better identifying the nature and intensity of the existing challenge and the resources that might be available to foster adaptive capacity and social-ecological resilience in Bangladesh.

1- Contrasting the financial efficiency of agroforestry practices in buffer zone management of Madhupur National Park, Bangladesh
Tuihedur Rahman, H. M., Jiban Chandra Deb, Gordon M. Hickey, Imrul Kayes
2013 Journal of Forest Research

2- Examining the Role of Social Capital in Community Collective Action for Sustainable Wetland Fisheries in Bangladesh
Rahman, H. M. Tuihedur, Gordon M. Hickey, Swapan K. Sarker
2015 Wetlands

3- Informal Institutional Responses to Government Interventions: Lessons from Madhupur National Park, Bangladesh
Rahman, H. M. Tuihedur, Swapan Kumar Sarker, Gordon M. Hickey, M. Mohasinul Haque, Niamjit Das
2014 Environmental Management

4- Measuring service satisfaction of young tourists: a case study of Lawachara National Park, Bangladesh
Rahman, H. M. Tuihedur, Shrabanti Rani Shil
2012 Anatolia

5- Density, diversity, composition and distribution of street trees in Sylhet Metropolitan City of Bangladesh
Deb, Jiban Chandra, Md. Abdul Halim, H.M. Tuihedur Rahman, Roman Al-Ahmed
2013 Arboricultural Journal

6- A framework for evaluating collective action and informal institutional dynamics under a resource management policy of decentralization
Rahman, H.M. Tuihedur, Gordon M. Hickey, Swapan Kumar Sarker
2012 Ecological Economics