QCBS Students

Katrine Turgeon

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Irene Gregory-Eaves
Chris Solomon
Start: 2013-09-09
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Quantifying the effects of impoundment on fish community dynamics

1- Shelters and Their Use by Fishes on Fringing Coral Reefs
Alexandre Ménard, Katrine Turgeon, Dominique G. Roche, Sandra A. Binning, Donald L. Kramer
2012 PLoS ONE

2- Compensatory immigration depends on adjacent population size and habitat quality but not on landscape connectivity
Turgeon, Katrine, Donald L. Kramer
2012 Journal of Animal Ecology

3- Locomotor compensation in the sea: body size affects escape gait in parrotfish
Miller, Brianne M., Laura H. McDonnell, David J. Sanders, Kimberly L.M. Lewtas, Katrine Turgeon, Donald L. Kramer
2011 Animal Behaviour

4- Functional connectivity from a reef fish perspective: behavioral tactics for moving in a fragmented landscape
Turgeon, Katrine, Audrey Robillard, Jacinthe Grégoire, Vanessa Duclos, Donald L. Kramer
2010 Ecology

5- Body size and reserve protection affect flight initiation distance in parrotfishes
Gotanda, Kiyoko M., Katrine Turgeon, Donald L. Kramer
2009 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

6- Selection of diurnal refuges by the nocturnal squirrelfish, Holocentrus rufus
Ménard, Alexandre, Katrine Turgeon, Donald L. Kramer
2007 Environmental Biology of Fishes

7- Predicting microhabitat selection in juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar by the use of logistic regression and classification trees
2005 Freshwater Biology

8- Immigration Rates during Population Density Reduction in a Coral Reef Fish
Katrine Turgeon, Donald L. Kramer

9- Lake and Reservoir Management Made a Splash at the 2016 ASLO Summer Meeting
Corman, Jessica R., Bridget R. Deemer, Nicole M. Hayes, Irene Gregory-Eaves, N. Roxanna Razavi, Kristin E. Strock, Katrine Turgeon
2016 Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin