Olivier Boiral

Université Laval

Département de management
Bureau 1638, pavillon Palasis-Prince, Québec (Québec) Canada G1K 7P4
Tel: 418-656-2131 poste 4776
Fax: 418-656-2624
E-mail: olivier.boiral@mng.ulaval.ca
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  • Ph.D., Management and environmental management, HEC Montréal (1996)
  • MBA, Management, Université Laval (1991)
  • Diplôme d'Études Supérieures Commerciales, Administratives et Financières, École supérieur de commerce de Grenoble (1990)
  • Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie en techniques de commercialisation, Institut universitaire de technologie de Montpellier-Nîmes (1987)

  • Research
    environmental management; sustainable development; international management standards; ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications; sustainability reports; corporate social responsibility; neo-institutional theory; responsible procurement; intercultural management.

    Prizes and honours
  • Best paper award, division stratégie de l'ASAC (2011)
  • Prix Hermès en recherche de la Faculté des sciences de l’administration (2011)
  • Prix Best Runner Up Paper de la XVIIe Conference on Management of Technology (2008)
  • Prix Hermès en enseignement de la Faculté des sciences de l’administration (2006)

  • QCBS students
    Kouassi Marius Honoré AKÉ, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2016)
    Dominique Diouf, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2008)
    Previous students (since 2009)
    Sonia Chassé, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2009, End: 2013)
    Dogui Kouakou, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2009, End: 2013)
    David Talbot, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2010, End: 2015)
    Ahmed Turki, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2005, End: 2010)
    Tetia Bayoro, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2007, End: 2009)
    Albert Besnier, M.Sc.
    (End: 2009)

    Caroline Chaumont, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2008, End: 2011)
    Virginie Dequin, M.Sc.
    (End: 2011)

    Edouard Dumont, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2010, End: 2012)
    Pablo Rogelio Ortiz Martinez, M.Sc.
    (End: 2009)

    Amoin Marie Bénédicte N'Dri, M.Sc.
    (End: 2009)

    Christian Valery Tayo Téné, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2013, End: 2015)

    Thesis title: Impacts and success factors of ISO 14001 : A systematic review
    Jessica Veillet, M.Sc.
    (End: 2010)

    MNG-2110 - Développement durable et gestion des organisations (Winter / Hiver)
    MNG 8012 - Développement des habiletés d\'enseignant-chercheur : le métier de professeur (Fall / Automne)
    MNG 6128 - Gestion du développement durable (Fall / Automne)
    GIE-64371 - Données fondamentales de la mondialisation (Fall / Automne)
    MNG-6009 - Systèmes de gestion environnementale (Fall / Automne)

    Relevant QCBS research themes
    81- The quality of sustainability reports and impression management: A stakeholder perspective
    Diouf D., Boiral O.
    2017 Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (Date Added: 2017-03-22)

    80- Adoption and Outcomes of ISO 14001: A Systematic Review
    Boiral O., Guillaumie L., Heras-Saizarbitoria I., Tayo Tene C.V.
    2017 International Journal of Management Reviews (Date Added: 2017-03-02)

    79- Managing Biodiversity Through Stakeholder Involvement: Why, Who, and for What Initiatives?
    Boiral O., Heras-Saizarbitoria I.
    2017 Journal of Business Ethics (Date Added: 2017-02-25)

    78- Greening Remote SMEs: The Case of Small Regional Airports
    Boiral O., Ebrahimi M., Kuyken K., Talbot D.
    2017 Journal of Business Ethics (Date Added: 2017-02-16)

    77- Is Sustainability Performance Comparable? A Study of GRI Reports of Mining Organizations
    Boiral O., Henri J.
    2017 Business and Society (Date Added: 2017-02-16)

    76- SA8000 as CSR-Washing? The Role of Stakeholder Pressures
    Boiral O., Heras-Saizarbitoria I., Testa F.
    2017 Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (Date Added: 2017-02-16)

    75- A mixed-methods systematic review of the effects of mindfulness on nurses
    Guillaumie L., Boiral O., Champagne J.
    2016 Journal of Advanced Nursing (Date Added: 2017-03-02)

    74- Outcomes of Environmental Management Systems: the Role of Motivations and Firms’ Characteristics
    Heras-Saizarbitoria I., Arana G., Boiral O.
    2016 Business Strategy and the Environment (Date Added: 2017-02-16)

    73- Accounting for the Unaccountable: Biodiversity Reporting and Impression Management
    Boiral, O.
    2016 Journal of Business Ethics (Date Added: 2016-11-29)

    72- Public regulatory relief and the adoption of environmental management systems: a European survey
    Testa, F., Heras-Saizarbitoria, I., Daddi, T., Boiral, O., Iraldo, F.
    2016 Journal of Environmental Planning and Management (Date Added: 2016-05-16)

    71- Managers’ Citizenship Behaviors for the Environment: A Developmental Perspective
    Boiral, O., Raineri, N., Talbot, D.
    2016 Journal of Business Ethics (Date Added: 2016-03-14)

    70- Adoption of the UN Global Compact in Spanish banking: a case study: UNGC in the Spanish banking
    Garayar, A., Heras-Saizarbitoria, I., Boiral, O.
    2016 Journal of Public Affairs (Date Added: 2016-02-29)

    69- Symbolic adoption of ISO 9000 in small and medium-sized enterprises: The role of internal contingencies
    Heras-Saizarbitoria, I., Boiral, O.
    2015 International Small Business Journal (Date Added: 2016-06-16)

    68- Renewing environmental certification in times of crisis
    Heras-Saizarbitoria, I., Boiral, O., Arana, G.
    2015 Journal of Cleaner Production (Date Added: 2016-02-01)

    67- Strategies for Climate Change and Impression Management: A Case Study Among Canada’s Large Industrial Emitters
    Talbot, D., Boiral, O.
    2015 Journal of Business Ethics (Date Added: 2015-12-21)

    66- Internalization of Environmental Practices and Institutional Complexity: Can Stakeholders Pressures Encourage Greenwashing?
    Testa, F., Boiral, O., Iraldo, F.
    2015 Journal of Business Ethics (Date Added: 2015-12-07)

    65- Do ISO 9001-certified hotels get a higher customer rating than non-certified ones?
    Heras-Saizarbitoria, I., Arana, G., Boiral, O.
    2015 International Journal of Hospitality Management (Date Added: 2015-10-26)

    64- Leading by Example: A Model of Organizational Citizenship Behavior for the Environment: Leadership and Environment
    Boiral, O., Talbot, D., Paillé, P.
    2015 Business Strategy and the Environment (Date Added: 2015-10-05)

    63- Exploring the dissemination of environmental certifications in high and low polluting industries
    Heras-Saizarbitoria, Iñaki, Arana, German, Boiral, Olivier
    2015 Journal of Cleaner Production (Date Added: 2015-01-12)

    Boiral,O. & Heras-Saizarbitoria, I.
    2014 Essential concepts of global environmental governance ( Date Added: 2016-06-16)

    61- Audit Fees and Auditor Independence: The Case of ISO 14001 Certification
    Dogui, Kouakou, Boiral, Olivier, Heras-Saizarbitoria, Iñaki
    2014 International Journal of Auditing (Date Added: 2014-03-06)

    60-L’intégration du développement durable dans le transport aérien et la gestion des aéroports au Québec (R 695)
    Boiral, O. & Ebrahimi, M.
    2013 Ministère des Transports du Québec ( Date Added: 2016-06-16)

    59- The Tracking of Environmental Costs: Motivations and Impacts
    Henri, Jean-François, Boiral, Olivier, Roy, Marie-Josée
    2013 European Accounting Review (Date Added: 2013-11-21)

    58- Permanence de l’auditeur et indépendance de l’audit ISO 14 001 : une étude exploratoire
    Dogui, Kouakou, Boiral, Olivier
    2013 VertigO - la revue électronique en sciences de l'environnement (Date Added: 2013-10-29)

    57- Sustainability reports as simulacra? A counter-account of A and A+ GRI reports
    Boiral, Olivier
    2013 Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (Date Added: 2013-10-29)

    56- ISO auditing and the construction of trust in auditor independence
    Dogui, Kouakou, Boiral, Olivier, Gendron, Yves
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    55- Can we trust corporates GHG inventories? An investigation among Canada's large final emitters
    Talbot, David, Boiral, Olivier
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    54- Pro-environmental behavior at work: Construct validity and determinants
    Paillé, Pascal, Boiral, Olivier
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    53- Linking environmental management practices and organizational citizenship behaviour for the environment: a social exchange perspective
    Paillé, Pascal, Boiral, Olivier, Chen, Yang
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    52- Environmental Leadership and Consciousness Development: A Case Study Among Canadian SMEs
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    51- The Impact of Human Resource Management on Environmental Performance: An Employee-Level Study
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    50- Shedding Light on ISO 14001 Certification Audits
    Heras-Saizarbitoria, Iñaki, Dogui, Kouakou, Boiral, Olivier
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    49- Pursuing quality and environmental performance: Initiatives and supporting processes
    Roy, Marie-Josée, Boiral, Olivier, Paillé, Pascal
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    48-Managing risks through ISO 31000: A critical analysis
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    47-Is ISO 9001 really effective for the global supply chain management? A Preliminary exploratory analysis on customer-suppliers relationships in China
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    46-L’environnement en management et le management environnemental : enjeux et perspectives d’avenir
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    45- ISO 9000 and Organizational Effectiveness: A Systematic Review
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    Boiral, Olivier
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    41- Modelling the impact of ISO 14001 on environmental performance: A comparative approach
    Boiral, O., Henri, J.F.
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    40- Modeling the Impacts of Corporate Commitment on Climate Change
    Boiral, Olivier, Henri, Jean?François, Talbot, David
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    39- Managing with ISO Systems: Lessons from Practice
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