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Biodiversity for organizations

The QCBS is part of several research initiatives on biodiversity science for business. Past and future events are listed below.

Future event:

Biodiversity & organizations’ strategies: interrelations and associated tools

by Ciprian IONESCU, Ph.D student in biodiversity and economics, Université Pierre Mendès France. Working group on «  biodiversity and economics » of the OREE association. A seminar orPoster conference midi_Ciprian Ionescu_LBganized by Prof. Jean Pierre Reveret, Département Stratégie, responsabilité sociale et environnementale, UQAM, the CSBQ and the CIROD.

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Monday Octobre 7, 2013 from 12.15 to 14.30

Location: Room R 2220, École des sciences de la gestion, UQAM, 315, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, H2X 3X2

Ciprian Ionescu thesis, aims to extend the debate on the uses and potential changes in accounting and contribute to the advancement of the OREE working group (accounting component) and to the design of operational tools. For this purpose, this thesis is done in close collaboration with members of the working group and in particular with organizations conducting case studies.

Subject: “Biodiversity and organizations’ strategies: creating tools to manage multiple and inter-temporal interactions.” For more information (in french only)

Framing: This thesis is supported by Oree in connection with the Laboratory of Applied Economics INRA Grenoble. The research is directed by Michel Trommetter, Director of the Doctoral School Economics from the University Pierre Mendes France of Grenoble, Economist at INRA and scientific advisor of the OREE Working Groups on Economics and Biodiversity.

Past events

2012 Workshop on Economy, society and biodiversity: Integrating Biodiversity and ecological services in organizations strategy

December 12, 2012 at the Coeur des sciences de l’UQAM, Montréal, Québec, Canada. For more information…

Under the honorary presidency of Dr. Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Convention on Biological Diversity Executive Secretary(CBD)

Co-organized by the QCBS and the Biodiversity section of Reseau Environnement under the scientifique direction of Prof. Jean Pierre Reveret, École des sciences de la gestion, UQAM, Co titulaire de la Chaire internationale sur le cycle de vie

If you are interested by the presentations, you can view the slides on this page…

2011 Workshop on Economy, society and biodiversity: from BES dependancy to BES opportunities

7 December 2011, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Organized by the QCBS. To know more about the program,…

The workshop of December 7, 2011, organized by the QCBS biodiversity Platform and its partners, is the first edition of an open forum to establish a dialogue on biodiversity issues.

The objectives of this workshop are the following:

  • Examine issues related to biodiversity and ecological services for businesses, municipalities and organizations and citizens
  • Present a review of strategies and tools available to conserve  biodiversity and maintain ecological services
  • Review the development of new tools to conserve  biodiversity and maintain ecological servicesThe four sections of the workshop will consist of two presentations with, each time concurrent visions on global or theoretical issues confronted with the practical experiences presented by the companies. At the end of the workshop, during networking  lunch, there will be exchanges with PBBEQ partners and representatives of businesses, municipalities and organizations for the Phase II of the project during which one the pilot companies will conduct self diagnosis of impacts and interdependencies to biodiversity and ecological services.

Workshop on biodiversity for businesses in Québec

March18,  2011, Montréal, Québec, Canada
This workshop was organized by the Canadian Business and Biodiversity Council, the Conseil patronal de l’environnement du Québec, the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs du Québec, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science. A small group of representatives of Québec companies were invited to this workshop to learn more about the development of tools and available techniques for Québec companies to identify the risks and opportunities associated with conserving biodiversity and maintaining ecosystem services. Meeting presentations:

Biodiversity: relevance and profitability for businesses

4 October 2010, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Organized by the Conseil Patronal pour l’Environnement du Québec
Conference summary (in French)