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QCBS seminars and book launches

Past events

Linking biodiversity to ecosystem services: approaches and challenges at different spatial scales
by Patricia Balvanera, from Centro de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
Hosted by Andrew Gonzalez

Seminar by Tad Fukami: Historical contingency in community assembly - 6 October 2011
15:00, Redpath Hall, McGill University. Event co-sponsored by QCBS and McGill Biology Department

Seminar by Alain Paquette and Christian Messier: The effect of biodiversity on tree productivity: From temperate to boreal forests (1 March 2011)

Book launch by Michel Loreau: The challenges of biodiversity science (3 May 2010)
In this book, Michel Loreau draws from his experience as chair of DIVERSITAS and other international initiatives to delineate the contours and challenges of an integrated biodiversity science.