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Biodiversity Events

9e colloque annuel du Centre d’étude de la forêt

Thursday 30 April 2015 - Friday 01 May 2015, l'Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)

Colloque annuel du Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche sur le Saumon Atlantique

Thursday 07 May 2015 - Friday 08 May 2015, Université Laval

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution - 2015 Annual Meeting

Thursday 21 May 2015 - Monday 25 May 2015, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
CSEE is coming to the Prairies for the first time in 2015. We invite you to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on May 22-24 2015 for the 10th annual CSEE meeting hosted by the University of Saskatchewan. This year, the theme of the conference is: 'Ecology and Evolution of Managed Landscapes'. Come and experience the “Paris of the Prairies”, and one of Canada’s finest Collegiate Gothic style campuses. Saskatoon offers extensive opportunities for naturalists; we will be organizing field trips to a number of destinations. Registration will open in January.

ACFAS' 83th annual symposium

Monday 25 May 2015 - Friday 29 May 2015, Université du Québec à Rimouski

10th International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

Wednesday 03 June 2015 - Friday 05 June 2015, Valencia, Spain

The useR! Conference 2015

Tuesday 30 June 2015 - Friday 03 July 2015, Aalborg, Denmark

Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation

Sunday 12 July 2015 - Thursday 16 July 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii

52nd annual meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation

Monday 13 July 2015 - Thursday 16 July 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii
The theme for the conference is: "Resilience of Island Systems in the Context of Climate Change: Challenges for Biological and Cultural diversity and Conservation". Conservation of tropical biota is a pressing issue and one that is accentuated in island systems around the world. Many current hypotheses and theories in mainstream ecology have been established in island systems and have been “translated” to other continental contexts. Island systems are also particularly vulnerable to factors such as climate change, invasive species, and sea level rise. Furthermore, human cultures in such environments are also vulnerable. Thus, a theme (although not the exclusive focus) on islands is merited with particular emphasis on the relationship between conservation of both biological and cultural heritage.

Science Communications

Sunday 26 July 2015 - Saturday 08 August 2015, Banff, Canada

Summer School: Environmental Education and Sustainable Development
Other events

Monday 17 August 2015 - Friday 21 August 2015,

6th International Barcode of Life Conference

Tuesday 18 August 2015 - Friday 21 August 2015, Guleph, Canada

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