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What is the QCBS?

The Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science results from a partnership initiated by eight Quebec academic institutions, in collaboration with one public organisation and one governmental organisation. This initiative was made possible through a grant from the FRQNT given in 2009 for the creation of a strategic cluster. Since its creation in 2009, the QCBS is directed by Andrew Gonzalez of McGill University.

In 2012, the network connects almost 100 researchers, nearly 500 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, as well as many undergraduate students and numerous national and international partners.

The objective of the QCBS is to foster the emergence of an integrated biodiversity science in Quebec, the general scientific principles of which will allow the discovery, study, and sustainable use of the Quebec biodiversity.

The QCBS facilitates and improves the training of hundreds of highly qualified professionals, who will become essential for the future of Quebec.

The QCBS offers a range of measures and human resources to favour research development, notably:

  • A funding program is offered to QCBS researchers and their students (working groups, seed grants and supplementary bursaries for students);
  • A team of research professionals offers personalized consultations and training workshops on diverse approaches and techniques related to biodiversity science;
  • The annual symposium and training workshops allow researchers and their students to present the fruits of their research and to exchange their results with other users and future partners.

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